Greenfield Sand & Gravel Site

Summerleaze operate an existing sand and gravel quarry with limited remaining reserves near Windsor and also own a substantial Greenfield site nearby that contains high-quality agricultural farmland. The proposal was to ensure the Greenfield site was allocated in the new Mineral and Waste Plan as a Preferred Area for sand and gravel extraction with subsequent infilling with inert waste and then to secure planning permission to develop the site.


  • No allocation in the local Mineral and Waste Plan;
  • Limited mineral reserves remaining;
  • No extension potential at the existing site;
  • Very high quality agricultural land;
  • Contained extensive archaeological deposits requiring careful investigation;
  • Proximity to sensitive water regime at the River Thames and historic landfills.

Quarryplan involvement:

  • Promotion of site in the new Minerals Plan;
  • Environmental assessments to mitigate environmental impacts;
  • Appropriate design to fully protect water regime and ensure high quality agricultural restoration;


The site was allocated in the new Mineral and Waste Plan and subsequently planning permission was granted for the extraction of 1.7 million tonnes of sand and gravel and the infilling of the site back to original ground levels using imported inert waste material.