The development proposal included the continued use of the c.45ha limestone quarry, with a further 50m deepening with restoration to biodiverse habitat to include a water body.


  • Permission required to allow for continued production of cement which underpins the Applicant’s associated downstream businesses.
  • Potential to reduce water levels in Swanlinbar River;
  • Potential to impact Freshwater Pearl Mussel population in Swanlinbar River;
  • Proximity to Northern Ireland Border and associated transboundary impacts.

Quarryplan Involvement:

  • Pre-Application Discussions
  • Specialist ecological survey effort and expert mitigation & design;
  • Detailed Hydrological and hydrogeological assessment backed up by exemplary evidence base;
  • Full assessment of transboundary impacts


Planning permission was granted by Cavan County Council without any request for further in formation from the Planning Authority; or any Appeal to An Bord Pleanála.. The continuation of the supply of mineral to the Applicant’s Cement Works and the significant local economic benefits associated with the same, has therefore been secured for a further 20 years.